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As a custom gasket manufacturer, Delta Rubber can produce your gasket to your sizes from a choice of materials. We are able to work from your drawings or specifications to the millimeter using our state of the art Zund cutting machine. Our experience and the quality of the machinery we use to manufacture your gasket gives an efficient, accurate and low cost result.

Please select your custom gasket options and fill out as much information as possible. If you have a relevant file that will assist with your enquiry please attach this at the end of the gasket builder prior to submitting your specifications.

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  • Circular / Flange Gasket with Holes
    Circular / Flange Gasket with Holes
  • Circular Gasket / Washer
    Circular Gasket / Washer
  • Square / Rectangular Gasket With Holes
    Square / Rectangular Gasket With Holes
  • Square / Rectangular Gasket
    Square / Rectangular Gasket
  • Solid Disc
    Solid Disc
  • Solid Square
    Solid Square / Rectangular
  • Specialist / Custom Gasket
    Custom / Specialist Gasket

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