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Electrical Safety Matting

An extensive range of electrical safety matting from 450 volt to 30,000 volt protection, and all of our electrical insulation mats are available in a variety of length and width to IEC 61111 standard.

We have a wide range of electrical safety/insulation matting conforming with IEC6111; Class 0 1000v volts, Class 2 17,000 Volts, Class 3 26,500 volts, 650 volt and 450 volt protection. These are all available in a range of length and width through our on-line shop.

We supply electrical safety matting from 450 volts to 30,000 volt protection, whilst our buy online range includes IEC61111 Class 0 to 1000 volts, 650 volt and 450 volt shock protection. We have recently added to our range of electrical insulation mats with Class 2 to 17000 volts and Class 3 to 26500 volt working protection.

Shock Prevention Rubber Matting

When working in front of electrical switchboards and high voltage equipment our specifically designed non slip switchboard mat will offer shock prevention to your chosen voltage. It will provide safety for staff against electric shock. This material should be used in any area where a health and safety inspection identifies a risk of electric shock.

Electrical safety matting sizes

Our electrical safety matting can be supplied in 3 widths, 914mm (3ft), 1000mm and 1220mm (4ft). We will supply any length from a metre to a full roll from stock, and our prices are the most competitive in the UK with delivery within 24 hours available. Please contact us for any protection level not listed on this website. We are able to help with large and small volume orders, and unusual specifications.

We can assist with specialist electrical safety matting requests including unusual sizes or voltage resistance, and will cut, check and prepare your order at our Dorset manufacturing facility.

View & buy from our online range of electrical safety matting.

If you cannot see the specification of rubber electrical safety mat that you require from our buy online range, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist. We can supply, cut to length and manufacture to your sizes upon request.

Electrical Safety Matting 1000 volt protection IEC61111 Class 0

IEC61111:2009 Class 0 1000v Protection

Our 1000 volt heavy duty electrical safety matting conforms to IEC61111;2009 Class 0. This high quality switchboard mat is fully tested to 1,000 volts working voltage with the regulation standard stamped on reverse of roll at 1000mm intervals: Maximum safe working voltage of 1,000V.

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Electrical Safety Matting 17000 volt protection IEC61111 Class 2

IEC61111:2009 Class 2 17000v Protection

IEC:61111 Class 2 17000 volt protection, fully tested to 25,500v. Made using high quality rubber allows for a thinner mat without compromise to safety. Our ribbed electrical insulating matting is stamped on the reverse with the specified safe working voltage at 17000 volts.

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Electrical Safety Matting 26500 volt protection IEC61111 Class 3

IEC61111:2009 Class 3 26500v Protection

Our IEC:61111 Class 3 26500 volt protection is fully tested to 39,750v. Manufactured using high quality rubber gives our Class 3 matting a thinner profile without compromise to safety. Our ribbed electrical insulating matting is stamped on the reverse with the specified working voltage at 26500 volts.

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Electrical Safety Matting 650 volt protection

650 Volt Protection

Our 650V electrical safety matting (heavy duty) is tested to BS921:1976 for electrical insulation properties and is continuously marked with 15kV Test, 650V Working, with a 70° shore A hardness. BS921:1976 has been super ceded by our IEC61111:2009.

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Electrical Safety Matting 450 volt protection

450 Volt Protection

Our 450v electrical safety mats are made from black natural rubber type elastomer, with a 70° shore A hardness. Our 450 volt shock protection electrical safety matting is fully tested and is continuously marked with 11kV Test, 450V Working.

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