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Expanded Neoprene EPDM Gasket

Delta Rubber Limited manufacture and supply custom Expanded Neoprene Rubber gaskets. Our state of the art gasket cutting machine combined with our experience means that we can provide an efficient and professional cost-effective service.

We can manufacture almost any commercial quality grade Expanded Neoprene gasket in small or large quantities, to your design and specifications. Our Expanded Neoprene Rubber is available in many grades, our most popular are listed below with their accompanying data sheet. If you are unsure or need assistance with your gasket please contact us for free, impartial expert advice.

We are able to help with:

  • Large quantity gasket orders
  • One of gaskets
  • Unusual shape gaskets
  • Unusual size gaskets
  • Custom gasket requirements
  • Specialist gasket specifications

Expanded Neoprene Gasket

This black, expanded closed cell sponge has an operational working temperature of between -40℃ and +70℃, has excellent resistance to air and UV light and a good resistance to acids.

Design & Buy Gaskets Online!

You can design your Expanded Neoprene rubber gasket online and buy through our Gaskets Direct website at Simply fill out the options and choose “buy now” or if you would prefer to speak to an expert about your gaskets project select “submit for quotation” and fill out the additional notes field with your query.