We embrace forward thinking and believe part of progress is learning from past experiences. As we move through the first quarter of 2023 Delta Rubber have set ourselves the target of expanding and investing in our production capabilities to give our customers an industry leading service with even more competitive pricing on high quality products and materials.

As in previous years and 2023, we started the new year by analysing our performance to better understand how we can improve 3 key areas within our business: customer satisfaction, management of our key accounts, and product sales through our competitive pricing. Targets were set for the year ahead with relevant KPI’s for our team to adhere too.

2022 saw us begin our planned updates on our sister company ‘Gaskets Direct’ website, improvements were made on the user-functionality of the site and new services added to allow our clients a more complete gasket building platform. Our aim? To simplify the ordering process and create a site where bespoke gaskets can be designed, developed, and purchased in 4 simple steps.

Our focus then shifted to Rubber Extrusions & Seals, an area of business with many new applications. After seeking client feedback, we re-designed our extrusion catalogues, making it easier to navigate our range of 100’s of profiles. We also developed 3D models of our most popular Rubber Extrusion profiles, allowing our clients to better understand the shape of the profile they wish to purchase.

As motorsports enthusiasts, we take pride in working alongside some of the biggest names within Formula 1, providing dynamic rubber solutions and technical support for a diverse range of projects. 2022 was no exception and in April our focus shifted to solving challenges provided by our F1 clients, manufacturing bespoke gaskets, seals, and specialist one-off products as they prepared for the racing season ahead.

In May we were approached by students at the University of Strathclyde Motorsport Team regarding their first ever EV Race at Silverstone Circuit. The team required Electrical Safety Matting to ensure optimum safety when working on their vehicles and to make certain they adhered to health and safety guidelines. As active partners to the higher education sector we fulfilled their requirements and continue to encourage innovation.

Last summer we introduced a new innovative service called ‘Gasket Digitisation’, the process of re-producing damaged gaskets using our state-of-the-art machinery. The new service allows us to digitally scan damaged gaskets before recreating using CAD Software. Once recreated our laser guided CNC Cutting machine produces a flawless version of the damaged original. We have found this process can be particularly useful for our clients where a part is no longer produced or is hard to find.

As we entered the penultimate quarter of the year, we had a goal of expanding our product catalogue to meet the requirements of new professional industries and applications. We added an extensive range of new products across categories such as: Cut Rubber Strip, Rubber & Sponge Sheet, Gaskets, Rubber Extrusions & Seals and Pedestrian and Traffic Management Solutions, along with a range of electrical energy sector products and components.

As the year progressed, we continued to grow and expand our Gasket Manufacturing capabilities and added Gasket Scribing to our ever-growing list of manufacturing services. Through decades of experience supplying Gaskets, we understood how traceability of components can be a crucial factor for our clients and therefore now offer professional scribing on each gasket (such as an identification or part number), making traceability of components and easy task for all.

Our customer relationships span many industries and specialist fields, including consumer-based marketplaces. One such is mass electric vehicle manufacturing, which Delta Rubber have supplied materials and components to providing Electrical Safety Matting and rubber product solutions to allow them to work safely on high-powered battery vehicles. Now, with the motoring industry shifting towards EV cars, we continue to enjoy this relationship with owners looking to make their classic vehicles more eco-friendly and we’ve embraced the trend of classic-car conversion to electric. Our partnerships with Classic Car EV conversion firms requires us to provide a flexible and responsive service including bespoke Gaskets and electrical safety products used during the conversion process.

Through 2022 the energy crisis became prominent throughout the UK news, and we focused our efforts on working with Renewable and Green Energy companies to continue playing our part in making the world a more sustainable place. We are now partners to even more renewable energy firms and provide a range of bespoke rubber components designed for use with Wind Turbines, Solar Panels and even Green Recycling Centres.

In November we began our campaign on solving common household issues with rubber products and components, relaying this information to our customers to help them overcome a range of DIY household repairs and fixes. Our weatherstrip solutions are a low-cost way to help reduce Energy Bills by keeping the warmth in your property, Garage Door leaks and drafts can be fixed with ease using our threshold kit and Washing Machine Vibration dramatically reduced by using our TICO S Anti-Vibration material.

Our program of improvements implemented throughout 2022 resulted in a more efficient service for all our product offerings, which in turn attracted more customers and industry partners. Our ambition in 2023 is to reinvest, continue our growth and to offer our customers a premium service.

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