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Gasket Material Supplier

Gasket Material Supply including Rubber, Impregnated Gasket Paper and CNAF Material

Supply of a wide range of Gasket Material in large or small quantities, as one off orders or continuous supply to meet your requirements.

Our vast selection of materials suitable for gasketing include all rubber types as per our materials section, including Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Shotblast, Silicone, Viton, British Standard rubbers, Butyl, impregnated gasket paper, CNAF, cork or rubber bonded cork. We supply your choice cut to size or by the roll.

We are also able to design, manufacture and supply your gasket in large or small quantities from your chosen material.  Our state-of-the-art in-house cutting machinery and large stock range means we can produce and supply efficiently, giving short lead times.

Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements, so we can give you the benefit of our 100 years plus combined experience. If you are unsure about the type of material you should use please contact us for advice and guidance on how to achieve the best possible results.

Types of Material for your Gasket

We can supply your choice of the following in large or small quantities, as a one-off or regularly supplied:

  • Commercial Quality EPDM rubber
  • Commercial Quality & British Standard Neoprene rubber
  • Commercial Quality & British Standard Nitrile rubber
  • Tan Para / Shotblast rubber
  • White Silicone GP 60 Shore
  • Red Silicone GP 60 Shore
  • Genuine Viton® / Fluorocarbon rubber
  • Commercial Quality Insertion Rubber
  • Commercial Quality Natural / SBR 70 Shore & British Standard rubber
  • Nitrile Bonded Cork (Nebar)
  • Tico S
  • Expanded Foam (open & closed cell) gasket material
  • Expanded Foam (open & closed cell) Adhesive Backed gasket material
  • PTFE & Plastic Shime
  • Butyl rubber
  • Impregnated Paper gasket material

We Manufacture Gaskets too

We offer high quality, competitively priced production costs for your gasket.  We can also design your gasket to suit and advise on choice of materials to ensure your project success. Please contact us for assistance or for a quotation whether for a large or small volume run.

View our Gasket Manufacturing videos on our Delta Rubber Limited YouTube channel.