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Silicone extrusions and Silicone seals

Huge range of Silicone extrusion profiles and sizes, custom profile manufacturing

Delta Rubber offer a huge range of silicone extrusions, tubing and seals. Our range includes a variety of popular and specialist profiles and sizes, and are available in a choice of lengths, at different grades including medical grade Silicone.

Silicone Extrusion Range

All of the silicone extrusion profiles we offer can be seen in our downloadable catalogue, which includes information on the following:

  • Silicone Box Section Extrusions
  • Silicone D Section Extrusions
  • Silicone E Section Extrusions
  • Silicone Edge Seal with Bulb
  • L Section Silicone Extrusions
  • Silicone Lip Seal Extrusions
  • Silicone P Section Extrusions
  • Silicone T Section Extrusions
  • Silicone Tadpoles
  • Trapezium Silicone Extrusions
  • Silicone U Sections

Specialist Silicone Extrusion Manufacturing

We can manufacture one-off specialist extrusions specific to your project. Please contact us for assistance and advice.


Silicone Extrusions

Please download our Silicone Extrusions catalogue. Our Silicone extrusions are available in a vast choice of profiles, sizes and colours.