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Classic Car Rubber Products

Classic Car Rubber – Restoring Classic Cars with Auto Rubber

As your one-stop solution for all classic car restoration needs, Auto Rubber offers a comprehensive range of rubber components tailored to various makes and models. Learn how Auto Rubber can assist with your Classic Car restoration project with our door, hood and boot seals, windscreen surrounds, interior components, engine components and accessories.
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Rubber Fenders for Boats

Rubber Fenders for Boats – Everything You Need to Know

This blog delves into the various types, benefits, materials, installation techniques, and maintenance practices associated with rubber fenders, providing you with comprehensive insights into their importance and functionality in the maritime industry.
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What is Fluorosilicone Rubber

What is Fluorosilicone Rubber? Properties, Applications and Benefits

Fluorosilicone Rubber, a high-performance elastomer and derivative of Silicone Rubber, incorporates Fluorine to achieve exceptional chemical resistance. Explore Fluorosilicone Rubber and its properties, common applications and benefits in this blog article.
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Rubber Matting: A Comprehensive Guide to Types and Applications

Rubber Matting is the ultimate solution in ensuring safety, durability and practicality across various settings. Whether you’re outfitting a commercial entrance, setting up an industrial workplace or creating a home gym, the choice of rubber matting plays a pivotal role. 
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