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Tico S Gasket Manufacturer and Supplier

Delta Rubber Limited manufacture and supply custom Tico S gaskets (cork gaskets with a Nitrile rubber bonding). Our state of the art gasket cutting machine combined with our experience means that we can provide an efficient and professional cost-effective service.

We can manufacture almost any Tico S gasket in small or large quantities, to your design and specifications. Please see our Tico S technical specifications sheets below. If you are unsure which material is most suitable for your gasket please contact us for free, impartial expert advice.

We are able to help with:

  • Large quantity gasket orders
  • One of gaskets
  • Unusual shape gaskets
  • Unusual size gaskets
  • Custom gasket requirements
  • Specialist gasket specifications

Tico S Gasket

The material utilises the natural resilience of carefully selected cork particles, blended with neoprene & nitrile elastomers for a long maintenance-free life under a variety of conditions. It enjoys a worldwide reputation established over many decades of use and is ideal for usage where a high performance cork gasket is required.

TICO S is manufactured to withstand very high dynamic and static loads without degrading, provided the maximum static load capabilities are not exceeded. As a durable material, TICO S remains stable in many atmospheric conditions and is suitable for outdoor use.

Temperatures range between -40°C and +100°C
Maximum static stress of 0.50 MN/m² (50,000 Kg/m²).