Rubber components for Aerospace

Rubber component manufacturing and rubber component supply for Aerospace

As the aerospace industry continues to grow and an average of 44,000 flights take off per day, the demand for new aircraft to be manufactured is at an all-time high. We at Delta Rubber Limited have partnered with several leading aerospace organisations, providing dynamic rubber solutions to support their ongoing aircraft projects.

Rubber Materials for Aerospace
Reliability and longevity of life are vital factors for the development of rubber components and products used in the aerospace industry. Therefore, we strictly use high-performance rubbers for components exposed to fuels, oils, gases, and excessive temperatures including Fuel Grade Nitrile, Silicone and Fluoroelastomer Viton. Click here to browse our full range of materials or download the associated data sheets.

Fuel Grade Nitrile:
British Standard BS2752 Nitrile is a high grade pure NBR material with excellent general mechanical properties and resistance to petroleum fuels, oils, water, and mild chemicals. The fuel resistance capabilities of BS2752 Nitrile make it the ideal elastomeric solution for components exposed to jet fuel. The material is available from 40°-70° Shore A Hardness and we stock thicknesses from 0.5mm to 6mm (other thicknesses available on request).

Silicone Rubber:
White FDA approved Silicone Rubber is a versatile 60° Shore A solution that boasts a great temperature range operating from -60°C to +230°C and has excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation and ultraviolet light making it an ideal rubber for aerospace projects. We stock Silicone rubber from 1mm to 6mm thick which can be manufactured into a range of components, cut strip, or supplied in sheet form.

Fluoroelastomer Viton:
Black premium genuine Viton FKM 70° Shore A rubber operates at temperatures unachievable by other compounds with a minimum temperature of -20°C and a maximum of +250°C continuous and 315°C intermittent. The high-performance material also has outstanding resistance to chemical attack, oils, fuels, and Petro-chemicals. We stock and sell Fluoroelastomer Viton in thicknesses from 1-10mm and can manufacture the material into a range of forms including standard-size or bespoke gaskets.

Rubber Components for Aerospace

The aerospace arena is at the cutting edge of development and requires an innovative approach to projects and often a brand-new component to be manufactured or developed. As a leading UK rubber product manufacturer with over 100 years plus experience, we can enhance your project by helping to reduce component development and production costs and through identifying potential improvements.

We utilise state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture a range of aerospace components in-house including Standard Size, Bespoke or Over-sized Gaskets, Seals and O-Rings for applications in aviation such as:
– Jet Engine Gaskets
– Manifold Gaskets
– Engine Hosing
– Pump Seals
– O-Rings Seals
– Thermal Insulation
– Vibration Dampening

If your aerospace project requires a bespoke component to be manufactured, we offer full product development services for our clients and as your project partner will give you a professional, cost-effective flow from developing your aerospace component through manufacturing to final supply.

We offer a range of standard size or bespoke gaskets cut to our client’s specifications, manufactured from BS specification and high-performance materials. Through using the latest cutting techniques including laser guided digital CNC, hydraulic punching, and waterjet we ensure accuracy and precision in production for all our clients projects.

The Atom Flash cut 3000 was the latest addition to our range of state-of-the-art machinery, equipped with a large 3050mm x 1550mm cutting area we now have the capabilities to manufacture oversized or large-scale bespoke rubber gaskets with digital accuracy. Whether you require a one-off custom gasket or continued supply, we have the capacity for large and small productions runs and flexible production capabilities to meet your requirements.

Visit our sister company Gaskets Direct, to use our online gasket building platform, allowing to you to design, develop and order your custom component in 4 simple steps.

Begin by choosing one of our pre-existing gasket templates before filling out the customisable options such as gasket length, width, number of holes and internal diameters. You can then select a gasket material from our vast range of rubber, paper and CNAF options and the thickness desired for your project. A quotation will be sent directly via email with a link to buy securely online. To learn more about our bespoke gasket manufacturing services Click Here.

Seals & O-Rings:
Our range of rubber seals and O rings is comprehensive and suitable for various aerospace applications, available in both metric and imperial sizes and manufactured from a range of high-performance materials. Our technical expertise covers three main areas: Rubber Seals, Rotary Shaft Seals and O-Rings (BS1806 & BS4518) but we welcome specialist seal requirements and offer product development services for our clients.

For an off-the-shelf solution see our Rubber O-ring Kits, featuring over 200 O-ring pieces manufactured from high-quality Nitrile rubber and suitable for usage with petrol and oils. We offer both imperial and metric kits featuring a range of common sizes to suit most general-purpose applications.

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We have developed our always-in-stock range to meet the requirements of our partners operating within the aerospace area including Rubber Sheet, Cut-Rubber Strip, O-Rings & Seals, Gaskets and Washer solutions. Our products are available to purchase 24 hours a day through our user-friendly online store, available with fast nationwide delivery as standard and highly competitive prices. Click here to browse our full range of rubber products and components today.

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