Classic Car restoration heavily relies on essential components like classic car rubber parts, crucial for preserving the charm and functionality of vintage vehicles. From seals to seat diaphragm, windscreen rubber to engine tubing, these components help to ensure the vehicle’s integrity over time. 

Authentic restoration relies on using period-correct, accurate reproduction parts tailored to each classic car model and its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) number, guaranteeing not only a seamless fit, but also enhancing the vehicle’s value and historical accuracy. Classic car rubber parts are not just accessories, but vital elements that contribute to the timeless appeal of vintage cars. 

When it comes to sourcing high-quality classic car rubber parts, look no further than our sister company Auto Rubber. As your one-stop solution for all classic car restoration needs, Auto Rubber offers a comprehensive range of rubber components tailored to various makes and models. 

Who are Auto Rubber?

As classic car enthusiasts, we launched Auto Rubber to address the challenges we encountered while sourcing replacement parts for our own restoration projects. We understand the frustration of searching online only to find discontinued parts or exorbitant prices. That’s why we’re committed to providing a reliable and affordable solution for fellow enthusiasts. 

At Auto Rubber, we offer a wide range of classic car rubber products and components, essential for restoration projects and maintenance. Our off-the-shelf inventory includes Door, Hood and Boot Seals to ensure proper weatherproofing and insulation, Engine Components such as hoses, grommets, and gaskets to maintain optimal performance  

For Interior restorations, we offer seat diaphragms, buffers and rubber pedals to enhance the comfort and functionality of your beloved classics. Additionally, our selection of accessories includes metal badges and trims for both interior and exterior detailing, as well as Windscreen Surrounds for the final touch. 

Among our stock range, we proudly supply classic car rubber products to OEM numbers to many classic car brands including Jaguar Rubber, Ford Rubber, Triumph Rubber, Aston Martin Rubber, Hillman Rubber, MG Rubber, Mini Rubber, Morris Minor Rubber, Rover Rubber and VW Rubber.

The Importance of Classic Car Rubber Parts & Components 

Classic car rubber parts and components play a crucial role in the restoration and preservation of vintage vehicles. These essential elements contribute to both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of classic cars, ensuring their longevity and efficiency. 

Rubber parts such as seals and windscreen surrounds serve as vital barriers, protecting classic cars from environmental factors such as moisture, dust and debris. Properly sealed doors, hoods, and boots prevent water leakage and noise infiltration, maintaining the comfort of the vehicle. Additionally, engine components like hoses and gaskets help to maintain proper fluid circulation and prevent leaks, ensuring optimal engine performance. 

Authentic restoration of classic cars relies on using high-quality reproduction parts and components, designed to match the specification and OEM numbers of your make and model. This ensures the classic car rubber part is a seamless fit and helps to preserve the vehicle’s originality. 

Types of Classic Car Rubber Parts 

As essential components in classic car restoration and maintenance projects, classic car rubber parts come in a wide variety of forms, each serving a specific function to ensure the functionality of your vintage vehicle. Let’s explore some of the different types of classic car rubber parts offered by Auto Rubber and their significance:

Door, Hood and Boot Rubber Seals

Classic car door, hood and boot seals are essential in maintaining the vehicle’s weatherproofing abilities, preventing water leakage and noise infiltration. These rubber seals create a tight barrier, ensuring a snug fit and protecting the interior from external elements. Auto Rubber offers a wide range of door seals, hood seals, and boot seals designed to match the specifications and OEM numbers of various classic car models, providing a seamless fit and optimal performance. 

Engine Rubber Components 

Rubber components in the engine bay are critical for maintaining proper sealing and fluid circulation, preventing leaks and potential engine damage. Auto Rubber offers a comprehensive selection of rubber engine components including hoses, grommets, bushes, gaskets and washers. These high-quality classic car rubber parts are designed to withstand the rigors of engine operation, ensuring reliable performance and longevity of life. 

Interior Rubber Components 

Interior components such as seat diaphragms, buffers, and rubber pedals contribute to the comfort and functionality of classic cars. Auto Rubber offers a range of interior rubber products tailored to specific classic car models, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Whether you’re restoring a vintage Jaguar or classic Ford, Auto Rubber has the interior components you need for your restoration or maintenance project. 

Windscreen Surround Rubber 

Windscreen surrounds play a crucial role in providing structural support and sealing the windscreen to the vehicle body. Auto Rubber offers a variety of windscreen surrounds, designed to fit a specific OEM numbers of popular classic car brands. These surrounds not only enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also provide a secure seal, preventing water leakage and ensuring a clear view of the road ahead. 


In addition to essential rubber parts, Auto Rubber also offers a range of accessories to enhance the appearance of classic cars. From metal and enamel badges to trims for both interior and exterior detailing, Auto Rubber provides everything you need to add the finishing touches to your classic car restoration projects. 

Car Brands We Supply 

At Auto Rubber, we’ve crafted our collection of rubber products and components to cater to countless models across renowned classic car brands such as Ford Rubber, Triumph Rubber, Aston Martin Rubber, Jaguar Rubber, Hillman Rubber, MG Rubber, Mini Rubber, Morris Minor Rubber, Rover Rubber and Volkswagen VW Rubber. Let’s explore these iconic car brands in more detail and discover their automotive history. 

  • Ford Rubber – Ford, established in 1903 by Henry Ford, has a legacy for producing groundbreaking vehicles like the Ford Escort and Ford Cortina, shaping the automotive industry. 
  • Triumph Rubber – Triumph Motor Company, founded in 1885, is renowned for its stylish and sporty vehicles like the Stags and Spitfire, celebrated for their performance and design. 
  • Aston Martin Rubber – Aston Martin, established in 1913, is synonymous with luxury and performance, producing iconic vehicles like the DB5 and DB9. 
  • Jaguar Rubber – Jaguar Cars, founded in 1922, is revered for its luxurious and performance orientated vehicles like the E-Type and S-Type, known for their elegance and dynamic performance. 
  • Hillman Rubber – Hillman, founded in 1907, has a rich heritage of producing practical and dependable vehicles like the Avenger and IMP, popular for their affordability and reliability. 
  • MG Rubber – MG, founded in 1924, is known for producing iconic British sports cars like the MGB and MGA, cherished for their agility and style. 
  • Mini Rubber – The Mini, introduced by the British Motor Corporation in 1959, revolutionised the automotive industry with its compact size and innovative design. 
  • Morris Minor Rubber – Another British classic from the British Motor Corporation, the Morris Minor launched in 1948 remains an enduring classic known for its timeless design. 
  • Rover Rubber – Rover, founded in 1879, has a storied history of producing innovative vehicles including the iconic P6. 
  • Volkswagen (VW) Rubber – Volkswagen from 1937 is renowned for its iconic VW Bus and reliable Transporter series, renowned for durability and timeless design. 

Where to Buy Classic Car Rubber 

When it comes to sourcing top-quality classic car rubber parts, Auto Rubber is your trusted partner. Our easy-to-use online shop offers a diverse selection of rubber products and components tailored to various classic car brands including Ford Rubber, Triumph Rubber, Aston Martin Rubber, Jaguar Rubber, Hillman Rubber, MG Rubber, Mini Rubber, Morris Minor Rubber, Rover Rubber and Volkswagen VW Rubber.

Whether you’re in need of doors, hood and boot seals, engine components like hoses and grommets, windscreen surrounds or accessories, we have everything you need for your restoration project. With a commitment to excellence, each product meets the highest standards of quality and matches specific OEM numbers. 

Cant find a product you’re looking for? Our bespoke classic car rubber product manufacturing has you covered. From custom gaskets cut to precise specifications to seals extruded upon request, our skilled team utilises advanced technology to bring your restoration vision to life. Contact us with your bespoke product requirements today.