In this blog we’re delving into the world of Electrical Safety Matting, a vital component that ensures workplace safety, particularly in industries where electrical hazards are a concern. Let’s explore exactly what Electrical Safety Matting is, why you should use it, which industries rely on the component, the various grades available and where you can buy Electrical Safety Matting online.

What is Electrical Safety Matting?

Electrical Safety Matting, also known as electrical insulating matting, is a specialist type of rubber flooring material designed to protect workers from electrical shocks in environments where the risk of electric shock is high. Manufactured from high-quality rubber materials, these mats act as barrier between individuals and the potentially hazardous electrical equipment or surfaces they might come into contact with.

Why should you use Electrical Safety Matting?

Although Electrical Safety matting is commonly used for its outstanding electrical resistance properties, it poses other benefits to users including compliance to regulations and enhanced productivity through reduced fatigue. Let’s explore these benefits in more detail:

  • Protection Against Electric Shocks – The primary purpose of Electrical Safety Matting is to shield personnel from the danger of electric shocks. By serving as an insulating rubber mat, they form a formidable shield, effectively isolating individuals from potentially life-threatening electrical currents.
  • Compliance – In today’s workplace landscape, adherence to safety standards and regulations is non-negotiable. Electrical Safety Matting is designed to align with established safety guidelines and regulations, ensuring your workplace meets the necessary safety requirements.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Electrical Safety Mats are engineered to provide ergonomic support, particularly in environments where workers are required to stand for extended periods. The reduction in physical stress translates into increased productivity, making Electrical Safety Matting an investment that not only protects employees, but bolsters overall workplace efficiency.

What industries use Electrical Safety Matting?

Electrical Safety Matting isn’t confined to a specific niche; its utility extends across a spectrum of industries where there’s risk of electrical hazards including Switchboard Engineers, Manufacturing, Construction, Power Generation & Distribution and Data Centres.

  • Switchboard Engineers – Electrical Safety Matting ensures engineers can work confidently around live electrical equipment, reducing the risk of electrical shock and promoting safe and efficient switchboard operation.
  • Manufacturing – When factories use high voltage electrical equipment for production, the use of Electrical Safety Matting helps to create a safe environment for employees and ensures businesses are operating under health and safety regulations.
  • Construction – Construction sites are dynamic and often hazardous, with temporary electrical installations frequently in use. Electrical Safety Matting provides a reliable and reusable level of protection for employees around the site.
  • Power Generation and Distribution – In the power generation and distribution sector, Electrical Safety Matting is the cornerstone of safety protocols, where engineers and technicians operating in power plants and electrical substations are exposed to high voltage equipment daily.
  • Data Centres – Data centres house intricate electrical systems that require frequent maintenance. Workers in these facilities rely on Electrical Safety Matting to insulate them from electrical hazards as they work with sensitive and high-capacity equipment.

Grades of Electrical Safety Matting:

There are various grades of Electrical Safety Matting available, each offering specific voltage requirements and safety standards, suitable for different working environments. In the UK, IEC6111:2009 regulated matting is often required to pass safety regulations, whilst in some cases non-regulated matting will be sufficient. Here are some of the most common Electrical Safety Matting grades available from Delta Rubber Limited:

  • IEC61111:2009 Class 0 1000v – Class 0 Electrical Safety Matting is designed to offer protection in environments with voltage exposure up to 1000 volts. Manufactured from high-quality raw rubber materials, the matting ensures safety in lower voltage settings.
  • IEC61111:2009 Class 2 17,000v – Class 2 Electrical Safety Matting is manufactured to withstand higher voltage exposure, up to 17,000 volts. The added insulation makes it suitable for a wider range of applications, particularly in industries with moderate electrical risks.
  • IEC61111:2009 Class 3 26,5000v – Offering superior levels of protection, Class 3 matting is suitable for industries with substantial electrical hazards such as power generation and distribution, offering peace of mind workers are protected up to 26,5000 volts.
  • ESM450v – For lower voltage requirements, we offer our cost-effective ESM450V Electrical Safety Mating. Designed to deliver reliable insulation for applications up to 450v, a versatile choice for various settings.
  • ESM650v – ESM 650V is a heavy duty (9mm thick) electrical safety matting tested to BS921:1976 standard for electrical insulation properties. Although BS921 has been super ceded by IEC61111:2009, ESM650v remains popular for applications requiring moderate electrical insulation.

If you’re unsure which electrical safety matting grade is required for your project, we highly recommended referring to the health and safety guidelines for your project. If you’re still un-certain, please contact a member of our technical team before purchasing your goods, we are well versed in electrical safety and on-hand to answer and queries that may arise.

Where to buy Electrical Safety Matting:

At Delta Rubber Limited, we’ve made purchasing Electrical Safety Matting a seamless experience for our customers. With decades of experience working in the sector, we understand the critical importance of your safety needs and have developed our buy-online range tailored to your convenience.

We stock and supply various Electrical Safety Matting grades including IEC6111:2009 Class 0, Class 2, Class 3 and ESM 450v/650v in 3 widths (914mm, 1000mm, 12000mm), with the flexibility to choose lengths from 1 metre to a full 10 metre roll. Click here to browse our full buy online range today.

Setting us apart is our fast nationwide delivery, through understanding that safety can’t wait, we’ve partnered with leading reliable delivery services to ensure you get your order promptly, no matter where in the country.

If you are requiring a large volume order or continued supply, we offer generous wholesale discount rates for our industry partners. Please contact us for more information on how we can meet your specific safety needs and budget.