Electrical safety mat

Electrical Safety Matting - how to use it and where.

How does Electrical Safety Matting work?

The rubber used to manufacture electrical safety matting is a natural dielectric material, with a molecular structure that inhibits the flow of electric charge and prevents the free flow of electrons. This outstanding electrical resistance property is what makes the rubber the ideal insulator.

Which industries use Electrical Safety Matting?

Electrical safety mats are used amongst a selection of professional industries to ensure safety during a range of processes. These industries include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Green Energy
  • Automotive
  • Large scale electrical works
  • Small scale electrical works

Where should you use Electrical Safety Matting?

We recommend our clients use electrical safety matting in any area where a health and safety inspection identifies risk of electric shock. Some of the most popular applications of electrical matting include:

  • Electrical Switchboards
  • Power Transmission Rooms
  • Power Plants
  • Lift Control Gear Rooms
  • Machine Control Gear
  • Portable Protection for Engineers

How do you maximise safety when using Shock Resistant Safety Matting?

Before utilising it is vital you select the correct class and voltage resistance to suit your application. If you are unsure on the matting you require, please visit https://www.deltarubber.co.uk/electrical-safety-matting or contact one of our expert team members for assistance.

We recommend when using electrical matting you wear electrically insulated gloves and make use of an operator stand on top of the mat, this enhances the protection of direct shock through the operator’s body.

What are the sizes of Electrical Safety Mats?

We stock and sell a comprehensive range of electrical safety mats to suit various voltage requirements and applications.  As standard we sell matting in 3 widths: 914mm (3ft), 1000mm, 1220mm (4ft) and in any lengths from a metre to a full 10 metre roll.

We have the in-house capability to precision cut your matting to bespoke sizes if required, please contact our team for more information.

Where can I buy Electrical Safety Matting?

You can buy our stamped, non-slip surface electrical safety matting securely through our online store, available with fast nationwide delivery and competitive pricing. Please visit https://shop.deltarubber.co.uk/electrical-safety-matting.html

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