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Neoprene Rubber Overview - what is Neoprene and where can I buy it?

What is Neoprene Rubber?

Neoprene Rubber is a versatile synthetic elastomer made of polymerized chloroprene and is a cost-effective rubber solution that still holds important water, oil, UV, and fuel resistance capabilities. At Delta Rubber Limited we manufacture and supply Neoprene in a range of forms including full sheets, cut strip, gaskets, seals, extrusions, and matting. Click Here to browse our full range of rubber products and services available.

Standard or Specification Neoprene Rubber?

Our standard commercial grade Neoprene ‘DC20’ is 65° shore A hardness and has a temperature range of -20°C to +110°C, we recommended our clients adopt using DC20 Neoprene for most general-purpose applications. The material is available from 1mm to 25mm thick, 1.4m wide and in any length from 1m to a full 10m roll. You can buy Neoprene rubber sheet through our secure online shop.

If your project demands a specification material, we stock British Standard BS2752 Neoprene rubber sheet, a high-quality product recognised amongst professional UK industries. We offer specification Neoprene in 40°, 50°, 60° and 70° shore A hardness and in thicknesses from 0.5mm to 6mm (other thicknesses on request), buy specification Neoprene sheet or download the Neoprene specification data sheet.

What are common applications of Neoprene?

With Neoprene Rubber being one of the most cost-effective materials on the market and still having outstanding properties it’s no surprise it’s used for applications across a range of sectors including:

Construction – Within the construction environment Neoprene rubber is primarily used for sealing gaskets, washer solutions, noise or electrical insulation or elastomeric membranes and flashings.

Marine – Thanks to the outstanding thermal and water resistance properties of Neoprene Rubber it is commonly used in the marine environment for wet-suits or diving suits. A closed cell Neoprene Sponge solution provides a cost effective, durable, and waterproof material that can be manufactured into a range of marine components.

Motorsport – Although Neoprene rubber doesn’t hold fuel resistance or high temperature capabilities, for general purpose motorsport applications the rubber solution is a go to choose. Often found in door or window seals, hose covers, belts or shock absorber seals due to the materials abrasion and oil resistance traits.

Aerospace – Neoprene rubber is used in aircraft and aerospace industries for applications including environmental sealing, isolation of noise, electrical insulation and more. If you are unsure whether Neoprene would be the most suitable material for your project, Click Here and tap into our industry leading expert advice.

Where can I buy Neoprene Rubber?

At Delta Rubber Limited we stock and supply a range of commercial and specification Neoprene Rubber via our easy-to-use online store, available with fast UK wide delivery and prices unrivalled in the industry. Click Here to browse our full online shop catalogue today.

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