We’re excited to announce the launch of our revamped online shop, designed to provide our customers with an even more seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. With a modern interface and a host of new features, navigating the UK’s largest range of rubber products and components has never been easier. 

New Shop Features 

Our new online shop boasts a sleek, user-friendly design that makes browsing a breeze. Improved search functionality allows you to find the products you need, quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re searching by rubber material, product or category, you can easily navigate to the exact product you need, saving you time and effort overall. 

Detailed product descriptions and comprehensive technical information are now readily available for every product and component sold online. This ensures you have all the necessary details to make informed purchasing decisions and feel confident knowing you have the right rubber product or component for your project. 

Additionally, our streamlined checkout process has been enhanced to provide a fast and more efficient user experience. Whether you’re checking out using your pre-existing Delta Rubber Limited account or as a guest, secure payment options guarantee that your transactions are safe, giving you peace of mind every time you shop online with us. 

Expanded Product Range 

Discover the same expansive range of products you trust from Delta Rubber Limited, now accompanied by even more options! Our range includes a wide array of rubber products and components including rubber strips, rubber sheets, electrical safety matting, seals, gaskets and much more. 

We have also added new specialist rubber materials and products to meet the needs of our clients operating in various professional industry environments. From British Standard specification rubber to high-performance seals, fuel grade washers to electrical safety matting, we continue to expand our product range as one of the UK’s most trusted rubber manufacturers and suppliers. 

Product Categories 

We’ve updated our product categories to make it even easier for you to find the products you need. With our enhanced categorisation and the addition of new products, you can quality navigate through our range and discover the right solutions for your projects. But what are our product categories?

Rubber Strip & Sponge Strip Our Rubber Strip & Sponge Strip category includes a wide range of rubber and sponge materials including: Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Closed-Cell Sponge, Silicone and much more. Choose your own custom width and thickness, perfect for sealing, cushioning and insulation applications. 

Rubber & Sponge Sheet Explore our comprehensive selection of Rubber & Sponge Sheet materials, including commercial and specification grades. From British Standard Neoprene to WRAS-approved EPDM, Viton sponge rubber to FDA approved Silicone, we have a vast range of rubber materials available in various thicknesses, widths and lengths to suit your project. 

Rubber Pads – Our Rubber Pads are conveniently cut into various sizes including A3, A4 and A5 ready for smaller projects. Benefit from materials such as Viton, Bonded Cork and CNAF without the need for wastage. 

Rubber Strip Fixing KitRubber Strip Fixing Kits feature everything you need for rubber strip fixing applications at home or in the workplace, high-quality neoprene rubber strips, adhesives and accessories to ensure a long-lasting and secure fit. 

Adhesives & Accessories – Our Adhesives and Accessories range has been collated using the best quality glues, sealants and accessories to ensure the ultimate bond with our rubber, paper and CNAF materials. 

Rubber Extrusion Profiles – Choose from our extensive range of Rubber Extrusion Profiles including U Channels, Window Seals, P Sections, D Fenders and much more. Can’t find the profile you require online? Click Here to browse our full selection of profiles available for manufacturing. 

Electrical Safety Matting – Our Electrical Safety Matting range features IEC 61111:2009 matting designed to offer the highest levels of protection in high-voltage environments. From Class 0 to Class 3, 450v to 650v matting, we stock and supply ESM to meet your project’s health & safety requirements. 

Rubber Matting – Explore our wide range of Rubber Matting solutions suitable for almost any application including entrance matting, anti-slip matting, general-purpose flooring and specialist mats for workplaces. 

TICO S Anti Vibration & Cork – Discover our range of the world-renowned TICO S Anti Vibration material, featuring TICO S Sheet, TICO S Shimming and bonded cork for smaller-scale anti-vibration projects. 

Bonded Cork, Paper & CNAF – Looking for high-quality gasket materials? Look no further than our range of bonded cork, paper & CNAF materials including Statite Oil Proof Gasket Paper, Nitrile Bonded Cork and CNAF C4324 specifically designed for gasket manufacturing. 

Rubber Washers – We offer general purpose Neoprene Rubber Washers available off-the-shelf, choose from our range of sizes from M4-M20, a selection of thicknesses and outside diameters to meet your project requirements. 

Rubber O Ring Kits – Our Rubber O-Ring Kits feature over 400+ O-Rings in a range of common sizes. Stored in a hard storage case, choose from metric or imperial measurements and ensure you’ve always got the right size O-ring on hand for your next project. 

Wet Weather Essentials – NEW to our online shop in 2024! Prepare for adverse weather with our Wet Weather Essentials range, including garage door threshold kits, weatherproof seals and other products designed to keep your workplace or home dry and protected. 

Health & Safety – NEW to our online shop in 2024! Our Health and Safety category features essential products like corner guards, cable management solutions and traffic management components, helping to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. 

Cord, Hose & Tubing – Explore our selection of Cord, Hose and Tubing, including Silicone rubber tubing perfect for the transportation of fluids and gases as well as specialist neoprene cord designed for Crittall and Baco Greenhouse sealing. 

Why Choose Delta Rubber Limited?

At Delta Rubber, we’re committed to providing top-quality rubber products and components, as well as exceptional customer service. Our enhanced online shop reflects this commitment, offering a convenient and efficient shopping experience for our clients. We also ensure every product and component sold online undergoes rigorous quality control and testing procedures, so feel confident knowing your product is suitable for the job! 

Our knowledgeable team is always available to provide expert advice and support. Whether you have specific requirements or need guidance on selecting the right product for your application, our team is here to assist. Our dedication to customer service is one of the reasons we’re the number one trusted supplier to many professional industries throughout the UK. 

Explore Our New Online Shop Today! 

Simplify your rubber procurement process and CLICK HERE to visit our new online shop today! Discover all the products you need, all in one convenient location. With an expanded product range and an enhanced user experience, shopping for rubber products and components online has never been more straightforward.