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Rubber Gaskets - applications and our process

What are Rubber Gaskets?

Rubber Gaskets are a fundamental component among many sectors, used primarily for sealing microscopic gaps between two surfaces or joints, they have outstanding anti-vibration and mounting capabilities and will dynamically eliminate the risks of liquid or gas leaks.

What industries use Gaskets?

Due to their versatility, Gaskets are used for a range of applications throughout a vast range of industries including:
–        Automotive
–        Aerospace
–        Energy
–        Construction
–        Engineering
–        Marine

Which materials can Gaskets be manufactured from?

Gaskets are manufactured to standard specifications or bespoke sizes which we can manufacture from your choice of materials, depending on the requirements of the application. At Delta Rubber Limited we manufacture and supply gaskets in a range of rubber, paper and CNAF materials including:
–        Neoprene
–        EPDM
–        Nitrile
–        Silicone
–        Viton
–        CNAF C4324
–        Klinger Statite

You can browse our stock gasket material range here.

How are Gaskets manufactured?

Depending on the size, complexity, or material of a gasket, we utilise a number of different professional production techniques to precision cut high tolerance gaskets, from our manufacturing facility at Christchurch in Dorset. We continually invest into the latest cutting-edge tech, allowing us to offer a superior manufacturing service using machinery such as Digital CNC cutting, Hydraulic punching and Waterjet cutting. To learn more about our custom gasket manufacturing capabilities click here.

How can I order a bespoke Gasket?

Our sister website, Gaskets Direct, has completely revolutionised the way you can order bespoke gaskets online. In 4 simple steps you can design your custom gasket, receive an instant quotation, and buy securely through our easy-to-use online store. Click here to take advantage of our dynamic new service. Alternatively, please contact us for assistance with your project including advice on material suitability, production saving techniques and industry expertise.

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