Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to design, develop, and order bespoke gaskets through our sister company, Gaskets Direct’s innovative online platform. Whether you’re in need of a unique custom component or a large production run, the user-friendly interface allows you to bring your gasket designs to life with ease. In this comprehensive article, we’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring accuracy, precision, and efficiency in every step. 

Why use Gaskets?

Gaskets serve a purpose in maintaining mechanical integrity and preventing leakages in various industries. The sealing components play an essential role in creating a secure barrier between mating surfaces, ensuring that fluids, gasses, and other substances do not escape or infiltrate. Without gaskets, the efficiency, safety and functionality of many mechanical systems would be compromised. 

What are Gaskets used for?

Gaskets find applications in a multitude of industries, from automotive and manufacturing to aerospace and electronics, they are critical components used for many specific applications. 

In the automotive sector, Gaskets are integral to engines, preventing oil and coolant leaks that could hinder performance. In manufacturing, gaskets ensure the tight sealing of equipment, preventing cross contamination and ensuring product quality. Aerospace industries rely on gaskets to maintain airtight seals and various components, contributing to the overall safety of air travel. Moreover, the electronics industry benefits from gaskets that protect sensitive components from environmental factors like dust and moisture. 

Order Bespoke Gaskets Online:

Our sister company Gaskets Direct offers the UK’s first online gasket building platform, allowing you to design, develop and securely purchase bespoke gaskets in a few simple steps. Developed with efficiency and simplicity in mind, the goal of Gaskets Direct is to make gasket building an easy and care-free task for all, no matter of your expertise. But how do you place an order with Gaskets Direct?

Step 1 – Choose a Gasket Shape:

Click Here to begin your gasket building journey. Now select a gasket shape from our range of pre-existing templates including washers, flange gaskets, rectangular gaskets, square gaskets, solid discs and much more. We have developed our gasket templates to suit a wide range of applications across various applications, however, if your project demands a gasket shape not listed, please select ‘custom/specialist gasket’ to proceed with your order. 

Step 2 – Enter Gasket Dimensions:

Now begin to fill out the customisable options for your bespoke gasket including: gasket length, width, number of holes, outside demeter (OD) and internal diameter (ID). We recommended double checking your inputted dimensions to ensure accuracy in the final gasket produced. If you have a technical drawing and are unsure on the dimensions required for your component, feel free to contact a member of our technical support team for assistance. 

Step 3 – Choose Gasket Material, Thickness & Quantity:

The next step is to choose a gasket material from our comprehensive range of Rubber, Paper & CNAF Options including Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, Viton, Natural Rubber, Statite Paper and much more. To browse our full range of materials available and download the associated material specification sheets click here. Once you’ve determined the most suitable material for your gaskets, select a material thickness and the quantity of components required. 

Step 4 – Receive your Quotation: 

Finally, enter your contact details to instantly receive your no-obligation quote straight to your inbox, with a link to buy securely through our online store. We have recently upgraded our quotation system, providing price breaks that allow you to save money over time.

How are your Gaskets Manufactured?

All bespoke gasket orders are manufactured using cutting-edge processes, driven by advanced machinery that guarantees precision and quality on each and every component produced. Boasting 2 laser guided CNC cutting machines (Zund G3 and Atom Flashcut) with 2500 mm x 1800mm and 3050mm x 1550mm cutting beds, we can facilitate for almost any size component and large volume production runs, reducing overall lead times and production costs for you, the client. 

Gasket Materials:

Gasket materials play a pivotal role in tailoring gaskets to specific applications, and Gaskets Direct offer a diverse range to meet varied needs. With a selection including over 20 high-quality materials such as Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, and more, we can produce custom components from many different Rubber, Paper & CNAF materials. By choosing the right material, you ensure optimum sealing, prevent leakage, and enhance the efficiency of your systems. 

Rubber gasket materials, with their flexibility and resilience, are ideal for industries demanding sealing solutions that conform to irregular surfaces. Paper gasket materials offer cost-effective sealing for low pressure applications and find relevance in sectors exposed to oils, fuels, and chemicals. Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre (CNAF) gasket materials excel in high-temperature environments, making them suitable for extreme conditions. For more information on Rubber, Paper & CNAF gasket materials, check out our informative blog – Exploring Gasket Materials: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide. 

Technical Support & Assistance:

We prioritise offering comprehensive technical support and assistance to ensure a seamless experience throughout your gasket design and procurement journey. Our expert team is readily available to address your queries or challenges you may encounter. Whether you need guidance on selecting an appropriate gasket material, assistance with customisation options, or advice on optimising your gasket performance for specific applications, our dedicated professionals are here to assist you. 

We understand that each project is unique, and our technical support is tailored to provide solutions that align with your specific requirements. Your success is our priority, and our commitment to technical excellence ensures that you receive the support you need to make informed decisions and achieve the best results. Click here to contact a member of our technical support team today.