What is Fluorosilicone Rubber?

Fluorosilicone Rubber, a high-performance elastomer and derivative of Silicone Rubber, incorporates Fluorine to achieve exceptional chemical resistance, rendering it ideal for a diverse range of demanding industries. 

The material not only provides resistance to solvents, fuels, oils, acids and alkaline chemicals, but also exhibits outstanding physical properties including stability, durability and low compression set. This unique combination positions Fluorosilicone Rubber as a reliable solution for challenging applications, offering resilience and versatility in harsh environments. 

Why use Fluorosilicone Rubber?

Fluorosilicone rubber stands out as a preferred elastomer in various industrial applications due to its unique properties, offering a reliable and versatile solution for niche needs. Here are some of the key reasons why Fluorosilicone rubber is a popular choice amongst professional industries:

  • Chemical Resistance – Fluorosilicone Rubber excels when it comes to chemical resistance, particularly against non-polar solvents, fuels, oils, acids and alkaline chemicals. This property makes it the optimal choice in industries where exposure to diverse and harsh chemicals is common. 
  • Temperature Stability – Fluorosilicone Rubber offers exceptional temperature stability. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from low extremes of -60°C to highs of +260°C, making it suitable for applications in the Aerospace, Automotive and other sectors where components face extreme temperature variations. 
  • Physical Resilience – Offering excellent physical properties, Fluorosilicone Rubber is characterised by its high flexibility, elasticity, and low compression set. Its ability to deform without breaking or cracking makes it an ideal material for gaskets, seals, and O-rings that demand superior sealing and pressure resistance. 
  • Resistance to Environmental Factors – Fluorosilicone Rubber boasts outstanding resistance to various environmental factors, including chemicals, water, and weathering. It’s also resistant to ozone and UV radiation, mitigating the risk of degradation that other elastomers might face. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for applications in harsh environments such as chemical processing plants. 
  • Durability and Longevity – Known for its durability and extended lifespan, Fluorosilicone Rubber maintains its mechanical and physical properties over time. Its resistance to degradation from UV radiation, ozone and weathering ensures that components made from Fluorosilicone Rubber can withstand exposure to the elements without compromising on performance. 

Applications of Fluorosilicone Rubber 

Due to the exceptional properties of Fluorosilicone Rubber, it serves critical roles in key industries including Aerospace, Chemical Processing and the Oil and Gas sector. Explored the specialist applications below:

Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace sector, Fluorosilicone Rubber plays a vital role, particularly in demanding applications such as fuel seals and high-performance components where exposure to extreme and harsh conditions is common. Its unique composition grants resistance to solvents, fuels and acids, making the material a preferred choice for gaskets, seals and O-rings used in aerospace engineering. The reliability and longevity of Fluorosilicone Rubber ensure the continued integrity of critical aerospace systems, contributing to the overall safety of aircrafts. 

Chemical Processing

Fluorosilicone Rubber proves invaluable in chemical processing plants, offering robust resistance to corrosive chemicals and fluids. Its ability to withstand exposure to challenging environments make it the go-to material when manufacturing components used in chemical processing equipment. Offering stability and resilience that contribute to the efficiency and longevity of chemical process systems. 

Oil and Gas Sector

In the oil and gas industry, where resilience to hydrocarbons and extreme temperatures are paramount, Fluorosilicone rubber excels. Its primary use in fuel systems at elevated temperatures, coupled with resistance to ozone, UV radiation and weathering, make it an ideal choice for critical applications. Whether its static seals or other components exposed to harsh conditions, Fluorosilicone rubber’s dynamic properties contribute to the industry’s reliability and safety standards. 

Benefits of Fluorosilicone Rubber 

Fluorosilicone Rubber is a high performance elastomer, offering distinctive advantages that make it the preferred choice for specialist industrial applications. Explore the unique benefits that set fluorosilicone rubber apart:

Temperature Resistance

Fluorosilicone Rubber offers exceptional temperature resistance, with the ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures and handle fluctuations. Ranging from low extremes of -60°C to highs of +260°C, Fluorosilicone excels in applications where frequently exposed to high temperatures. This temperature stability makes it a crucial material in industries such as aerospace and automotive, where components face demanding thermal conditions. 

Physical Properties

The physical properties of Fluorosilicone Rubber contribute to its versatility and reliability of diverse applications. With high flexibility, resilience, and low compression set characteristics, fluorosilicone rubber maintains its shape and sealing effectiveness under strain. These physical attributes make it an ideal material for gaskets, seals and O-rings, where maintaining consistent performance over time is essential. 


Fluorosilicone Rubbers versatility stems from its unique composition, combining the stability of Silicone Rubber with added fluoride groups. This blend imparts distinct properties, making Fluorosilicone Rubber suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. From aerospace to chemical processing and the oil and gas sectors, Fluorosilicone Rubber’s versatility makes it an adaptable solution for diverse challenges across various industries. 

Resistance Properties

A key benefit of Fluorosilicone Rubber lies in its resistance properties, particularly against a variety of chemicals, oils and solvents. This chemical resistance makes Fluorosilicone Rubber a reliable choice for applications in harsh chemical environments, ensuring the materials longevity and performance integrity over time. 


Fluorosilicone Rubber stands as a durable elastomer, capable of withstanding challenging conditions in industries where reliability is paramount. Its resistance to weathering, UV radiation, ozone and its ability to resist degradation from exposure to fuels and chemicals contribute to its long-lasting performance. The durability of Fluorosilicone Rubber makes it a preferred material for industry applications where components must endure and maintain functionality over extended periods. 

Where to Buy Fluorosilicone Rubber

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