Nitrile Bonded Cork

Nitrile Bonded Cork - cork granules bonded together using Nitrile rubber to give resilience and flexibility

Nitrile Bonded Cork is made from cork granules which are then bonded together using Nitrile rubber, which creates a brown material with black pigments of rubber. Mixing these two materials produces an economical material which has the resilience and flexibility of rubber combined with the compressibility of cork. In addition it has;

  • Good resistance to oil and other fuels
  • Temperature resistance -20C to +120C


Where can it be Used?

With the properties outlined above, Nitrile Bonded Cork is understandably an excellent material for multi purpose gaskets and other sealing solutions. It is also often found in anti-vibration settings, roller coverings, valve covers, electrical transformers and general seals, in numerous automotive and other general engineering applications. It may also be used in construction and plant & machinery environments, where anti vibration insulation and expansion joints/building spacers are needed.


Are there any limits to using Nitrile Bonded Cork?

This material should not be used where weather resistance is needed, and it has limited high temperature resistance.


Fun Fact! 

Cork is harvested from the Cork Tree, found in the Mediterranean and is combinable with many different rubber-based products. As well as Nitrile, there are several other rubber materials which can be combined to produce rubber compounds, including Neoprene cork, Silicone cork and moulded cork. Each display different attributes and qualities to suit varying application requirements.


Need any material advice or assistance?

Here at Delta Rubber, we are able to supply numerous products using a large variety of different grades of Nitrile Bonded Cork, including sheet, strip, seals and gaskets.

Please contact us for our expert advice on materials for any project.