Nitrile Rubber

Nitrile Rubber - a type of synthetic rubber polymer, also known as Buna – N or NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber).

Nitrile is a type of synthetic rubber polymer, also known as Buna – N or NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber). It’s main attributes are;

  • Oil resistance
  • Durability and tear/puncture resistance
  • Good temperature resistance (from -40C – +108C)


Where Is Nitrile Rubber Used?

Due to its oil resistance, Nitrile rubber is an ideal material for the automotive industry, commonly the material of choice for fuel hoses, gaskets, seals, o-rings and other products where oil resistance is required, as well as rubber strip and matting. Also, as result of its inherent strength and resiliency, Nitrile is used in several safety related applications.

Nitrile Rubber is also often the material of choice in Aerospace – used for self-sealing fuel tanks and bladders, and in Healthcare for adhesives, sealants, sponges and foams.

More generically, because of its durable properties, Nitrile is also use across industry in roll covers, conveyor belts, hydraulic hoses and industrial plant & machinery.


Does Nitrile have any weaknesses/limits to application?

The major drawback to using Nitrile is that it is intolerant to weathering, ozone and sunlight, which makes it impractical to use for outside applications. It also has little flame resistance, and is intolerant to most chemicals. Another slight drawback is that it is relatively inflexible compared to other materials.


Fun Fact!

The higher the acrylonite (ACN) content in a grade of Nitrile Rubber, the higher the oil resistance will be and stronger/less permeable from gases it becomes. However there is a trade off as increasing the ACN content and therefore its oil resistance,  will result in a worsening of its low temperature tolerance.


Need any material advice or assistance?

Here at Delta Rubber, we are able to supply numerous products using a large variety of different grades of Nitrile rubber, including rubber sheet and roll, rubber strip, seals and gaskets.

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