Viton Rubber Sheet Tubing

Viton is a high performance fluoroelastomer subcategorised into four grades; A, B, F and specialty types.

Viton Rubber is a high performance fluoroelastomer which was created in 1957. Viton is a synthetic rubber which can be subcategorised into four grades; A, B, F and specialty types. The different grades have varying fluorine content – the higher the fluorine level the greater the chemical resistance. The main advantages and properties of Viton Rubber are;

  • Outstanding resistance to broad range of fluids including aggressive fuels and chemicals
  • Heat resistant from -25C to 275C
  • Durability and hard wearing
  • High performance and good resistance to compression
  • Weather resistant


Where is Viton Rubber Used?

Due to its broad range of chemical resistance, Viton provides the best fluid resistance of any commercial rubber and so it is used frequently in automotive and aerospace for a variety of products including O rings and sealsgaskets, sheet, hosing and tubing. In addition, its high temperature tolerances lends itself to commonly being the material of choice in the energy sector, specifically the oil and gas industries as well as more generic industrial settings.


Are there any limits to using Viton?

Whilst it heat resistance is high, Viton is less tolerant to extreme cold temperatures below -20C, so other materials might be a better alternative in colder environments. We offer expert advice on rubber types and product suitability, please contact us for assistance with your project.

It is also one of the more costly rubber materials available.


Fun Fact! 

It is often very difficult to tell which material many rubber products are made out of at first glance, as they are nearly always black. However one way of telling if a gasket, seal or O ring is made of Viton rubber – they are normally green in colour or black with a green mark on the outer edge.


Need any material advice or assistance?

Here at Delta Rubber, we are able to supply numerous products using a large variety of different grades of Viton rubber, including rubber sheet and roll, rubber strip, seals and gaskets.

Please contact us for our expert advice on materials for any project.