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Delta Rubber have developed a comprehensive catalogue of rubber extrusions, the majority of which are available off the shelf.

If you have a specialist extrusion requirement, we are able to manufacture this for you.

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Please see our specialist rubber extrusions selection below.  Contact us for prices and availability on these items.
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** For an approximate size of each extrusion please print off the associated .pdf at 100% - size A4 **

Download the Square U Channel Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber here

Square U-Channel Extrusion

Square and rectangular rubber U-channel extrusions for edge protection and sealing panels, doors, glass, perspex and similar.

Download the Rounded U Channel Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber here

Rounded U-Channel Extrusion

Rounded U-channel rubber extrusions used for edge protection and sealing panels, doors, glass, perspex and similar.

Download the Channel Extrusions and additional Flanges or beads brochure from Delta Rubber here

Channel Extrusions with Additional Flanges or Beads

A further selection of rounded rubber U-channel extrusions and square rubber U-channel extrusions for panel, door, glazing and perspex sealing with additional features for dust and weather exclusion.

Download the anlge rubber extrusions brochure from Delta Rubber here

Angle Rubber Extrusions

A range of angle rubber extrusion strips for sealing and edging a variety of surfaces.

Download the Door Seal Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber here

Door Seal Extrusion

A large range of hollow compressible sections suitable for numerous door, panel and glazing sealing applications.

Download the Hollow D Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber here

Hollow D Extrusion

A variety of hollow edge and surface protection rubber extrusions.

Download the Irregular Strip Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber here

Irregular Strip Extrusion

Our irregular strip rubber extrusions are suitable for gap filling, bonnet seal, bulkhead seal, draught and weather protection and exclusion.

Download the Hollow and Solid P Section Extrusions brochure from Delta Rubber here

Hollow and Solid P-Section Extrusions

A wide selection of rubber extrusions suitable for sealing gaps in panels, doors (and door frames), hatches, sliding windows and other glazing instances.

T section and Windscreen Rubber Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber

T-Section & Windscreen Rubber Extrusions

Windscreen, window and quarter light sealing rubber sections used on vintage cars.

Wrap over Rubber Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber

Wrap Over Rubber Extrusion

Weatherstrip and glazing seal rubber extrusion

Weatherstrip & Glazing Seal Rubber Extrusion

Window sealing rubber sections for glass, acrylic and perspex in a variety of panel apertures and thicknesses used in conjunction with a filler strip which clamps the rubber in place.

PVC Edging (Titanfast) rubber Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber

PVC Edging (Titanfast) Extrusion

A tough self gripping extrusion to enhance and protect metal, plastic, glass, fibreglass or wood panel edges.

Composite Self Grip Rubber Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber

Composite Self Grip Rubber Extrusion

A range of panel edge self grip rubber sections with a variety of sponge rubber bulb and lip designs for doors, hatches, lockers and cabinets.

Sponge Rubber Extrusion brochure from Delta Rubber

Sponge Rubber Extrusion

A variety of sealing rubber profiles in closed cell EPDM and Neoprene sponge. A selection of these extrusions have adhesive backing.

Our extrusions have a variety of applications from glazing seals, door seals, gap filling, bonnet seal, panel sealing, hatches, sliding windows and sliding doors, weather exclusion, dust exclusion and can be used with glass, perspex, acrylic, metal, fibreglass and plastics.  We also have Crittall greenhouse seal available, please call for details and to place your extrusion order.

Please note that the correct choice of rubber extrusion or strip should be chosen for each project. If you are at all unsure please call or email Delta Rubber now.

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