Silicone Sponge Rubber

Silicone Sponge is a closed cell elastomeric material which is expanded at the time it is heat cured

Silicone Sponge Rubber is a closed cell elastomeric material which is expanded at the time it is heat cured. This expansion process creates the closed cell sponge structure. In addition it is low toxicity and CFC free which makes it an environmentally friendly material.

It is very versatile due to its many desirable properties;

  • Low water absorption (<1%)
  • Excellent Ozone and UV resistance
  • Temperature tolerances -60c -230C
  • Excellent compression properties
  • Good thermal, acoustic and electrical insulator


Where can it be Used?

Silicone Sponge is often used with applications needing to seal against heat transfer or water in the form of either gaskets or seals. Its ozone and UV resistance along with waterproofing means it is perfect for use in many outdoor applications such as in the marine environment. It is also used for cushioning and vibration insulation, such as in aerospace and other transportation industries, where sound insulation is needed. Other more everyday applications include in lighting fittings, oven seals, and cooker hob seals. In addition, its sealant properties often mean that Silicone Sponge is the material of choice in the automotive sector.


Are there any limits to using Silicone Sponge Rubber?

Silicone Sponge is highly inert and does not react well with some chemicals and oil. It is also relatively weak and will tear easily.


Fun Fact! 

Silicone Sponge is usually white, as opposed to black which is so commonly associated with rubber products. However, it can also be found in rusty red/red oxide colour or blue.


Need any material advice or assistance?

Here at Delta Rubber, we are able to supply numerous products using a large variety of different grades of Silicone Sponge Rubber, including sheet, strip, seals and gaskets.

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