Silicone Rubber

Silicone Rubber is a hugely adaptable and popular elastomer made from silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

Silicone Rubber is an elastomer made from silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is hugely adaptable and one of the most popular rubber materials supplied by Delta Rubber. Its main properties are;

  • Very flexible and lightweight
  • Extreme temperature resistance (-60C up to +270C)
  • Environmental resistance from water, ozone, UV and general weathering
  • It is a sterile elastomer
  • High electrical insulation properties


Where is it Used?

As Silicone Rubber has so many useful and adaptable properties it is frequently used across many types of industries. Its weathering durability makes it popular in construction (adhesives, sealants, coatings) and the marine environment. As it is also a flexible compound it is also used in aerospace (tooling, coatings, adhesives, seals, gaskets), and its sterile and biocompatible nature makes it a popular choice in the medical and healthcare instances (tubing, adhesives, seals, catheters etc.) and food and beverage (tubing, seals, gaskets) sectors.

In addition, it is commonly used in the automotive industry due to its flexibility, which makes it a great shock absorber and its heat/oil fuel resistance.   Silicone, with its excellent insulation properties is also a frequent material of choice in the electrical/electronics industry


Are there any limits to using Silicone?

One of the major drawbacks from using Silicone is that is relatively expensive compared to other rubber materials available. It also displays a poor tear strength as it does not offer very high abrasion resistance or strength. In addition some silicone rubbers can be bulky or thick in appearance if aesthetics are a consideration.


Fun Fact!

During COVID-19 in Spring 2020, Delta Rubber supplied silicone straps and foam pads to a number of major PPE equipment manufacturers in desperate need of component supplies. We were cutting parts and dispatching the same day to support the production of 15,000+ much needed facemasks for the NHS, at the height of the pandemic. If you’re in the Healthcare sector, please view the Healthcare page on our website to see how we can help you with your project.


Need any material advice or assistance?

Here at Delta Rubber, we are able to supply numerous products using a large variety of different grades of Silicone, including Silicone rubber sheet, Rubber Strip, Seals, Gaskets and Extrusions.

Please contact us for our expert advice on materials for any project.